Primary Role: Lead Designer
Responsibilities: Negotiate requirements, create story maps, sketch (low and high fidelity)
Tools: Balsalmiq, Axure, Omnigraffle
Another major project that I was assigned was an online referral system that kept track of patient treatment by dentists who referred them out to other dentists.
This was a long-term project that took up most of 2015. The customer was mydentist in the UK. For this project, I employed some design techniques such as story mapping which helped determined incomplete or excessive stories and requirements by analyzing what already exists and seeing if they fit various user workflows. There was a design decision that was a point of recurring debate among the product owners, developers, and the customer. It was something I didn’t want to let pass by so I came up with documentation to help illustrate the pros/cons of pursuing one method vs. another. The decision, in a nutshell, was whether or not the referral system would attempt to intelligently request the user to make a status update for a referral. It would require additional development time to implement, but the alternative of leaving it up to the user to update the status of a referral at the appropriate times would have significantly put the integrity of the referral data at risk.
For the deliverable, at this point in time, our design team was trying out the process of delivering our solutions as Axure prototypes. It was my first project being fully committed to work in Axure (with some work done in Balsamiq). Typically I would work in Axure or Balsamiq, but then produce final high-fidelity compositions in Illustrator or Fireworks.
The customer and the product owners were pleased with the design solution. The online referral system was developed, gone through design acceptance, and has undergone trade trials at 13 different practices in the mydentist network. Feedback has been positive in general and the project has passed a formal review by leadership and regional rollout of the product was done with mydentist for fall 2016. It was discovered that not all of their offices were running the latest platform on which this project would be running, so mydentist is in the process of updating all the offices and the continued rollout of online referrals is slated to happen afterward. So far, the feedback has been positive from the customer.
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