I am Christopher Octa, a UX designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.
In a previous life (5+ years ago), I was a web developer (.NET technologies). I've also done some professional photography.
I'm very interested in fostering the relationship between a business and customer through great user experience and product design where problems and users are clearly defined and central to the crafting of the solution.
Where do I see myself in 5 years? I would like to see myself having established and leading a design team that is transforming the landscape of a product whether that is guiding a new product in its growth and maintaining focus on its users or transforming a mature product to uncover new and modern potential with the technologies out there today. To get here, I feel developing my skill set in thinking at a strategic level and having a better understanding of product and marketing will help me get there as well as collaborating with individuals both new and masters at their craft to sharpen the skillsets I have today.
Product Design Books I Like
Designing for Emotion
by Aarron Walter
UX Strategy
by Jaime Levy
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