I am Christopher Octa, currently a UX designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.
In my previous life (10+ years ago), I was a web developer (.NET technologies).
My experiences in development and product management enable me to be an effective UX professional equipped with an understanding to balance the needs of the moving parts in the agile product cycle, the business, and the users.
My goal is to pursue a role with UX leadership because with my experience, I want to push forward design as part of the business strategy for delivering quality products through meaningful collaboration with the users, stakeholders, business, and peers. I also want to have the opportunity to help facilitate the success of individuals who are interested in pursuing the UX discipline.
Product Design Books I Like
Designing for Emotion
by Aarron Walter
UX Strategy
by Jaime Levy
Build Better Products
by Laura Klein
Escaping the Build Trap
by Melissa Perri
Other Books I Like
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