The primary focus of this design is to improve the way providers/assistants/etc. chart bleeding in perio exams. Currently, one would have to select each individual pocket and click the bleeding button. This approach would provide an additional way to chart bleeding, but also enable one to easily do it for more than one pocket.
On the perio exam page, here we have a pocket currently selected and the mouse cursor off to the left of the currently selected pocket. The currently selected pocket has no impact of the process that will be detailed in the next few screenshots.
When the mouse cursor hovers over a clickable pocket, it would show a dim rectangular box (like a selected pocket box, but dimmer color) to indicate that if the user clicks on that spot, it will select that pocket. It will help in aiding users to selecting pockets especially when it comes to selecting more than one (CTRL + click).
By holding the left mouse button down and dragging to create a bounding box, the user is able to target multiple pockets (in the screenshot, a dim box indicates the bounding box and the slim rectangular boxes which are of a different color than the currently selected pocket from the previous screenshot, indicate the pockets that the bounding box is currently selecting).
Letting go of the mouse button commits the bounding box and thus all 12 pockets are selected as hinted in the previous screenshot. Also in the screenshot, the user clicked on “6” to designate a pocket depth of 6 for all 12 pockets selected.
Alternatively, pressing the key “6” will produce the same effect.
With the pockets still selected, the user clicked on the bleeding button and all 12 pockets are now designated as bleeding.

Just like it currently does though, once a user attempts to enter another number, it will apply that number to the next pocket after the group of 12 currently selected. Toggling bleeding would not apply it to the next pocket which is the current behavior of the perio exam charting.
In addition, icons on the Keypad window would have buttons that would allow selection of various pre-defined sections without having to utilize the bounding box as detailed above.

Hovering over these region buttons will display a tooltip. 

Alternatively, selecting multiple pockets could be achieved by using a click + keyboard modifier (e.g. CTRL) where CTRL + clicking enables the user to select more than one pocket. Same pocket/bleeding rules applied as detailed in the above screenshots.
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