Primary Role: Visual Designer
Responsibilities: Collaborate with interaction designer to determine solution.
Tools: Axure, Adobe Fireworks
mydentist (previously IDH) is the United Kingdom’s largest dental corporate company. Carestream Dental is a software provider for mydentist’s dental practices. mydentist is responsible for over 600 dental practices that provide care for over 10 million patients. A need was brought to Carestream Dental to design and develop a call center application to handle the large amounts of appointment requests daily. The system needed to be very direct and easy to use. The primary users of the system would be the call center operatives who interface with incoming requests to schedule appointments.
For this project, I was paired with an interaction designer in the UK. Because of time zone displacement, there was a small amount of possible time for live collaboration. I attempted to adjust my work schedule to accommodate more time for collaboration with success. At the time, I was a Jr. Visual Designer so most of my work involved creating compositions out of wireframes created by my teammate interaction designer primarily using Axure. Our collaboration involved discussing workflow and various interaction solutions to accommodate the workflow and user better. The project lasted several months as there were requests for additional features to be designed. Towards the end, I was the sole designer working on additional features for the project as my teammate had pursued other opportunities and was no longer with the company.
In the end, the main workflow focused on a single page that builds on itself as the call progresses. We explicitly targeted this kind of format to keep the interface simple and predictable. Because the user would be working off of a script, it helped simplify the kinds of possible input we would be expected during the design of the feature.
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