I am a Product Professional based in Atlanta who is passionate about enabling companies, through meaningful cross-functional collaboration, to deliver better products and services with design as part of the business strategy.
My experiences in product design (10+ years), development and product management (doing and collaboration) enable me to be an effective product professional equipped with an understanding to balance the needs of the moving parts in the agile product cycle, the business, and the users.
Over my professional career, I have solved complex problems in a variety of domains such as job search/recruitment, dental, and mission-critical incident management.
Outside of my day-to-day, technology and connected fitness typically preoccupies my attention.
If you'd like to take a look at my work, I have it sorted into two sections: previous work and current work (requires a password)
Product Design Books I Like
Designing for Emotion
by Aarron Walter
UX Strategy
by Jaime Levy
Build Better Products
by Laura Klein
Escaping the Build Trap
by Melissa Perri
Other Books I Like
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