Primary Role: UX Designer
Responsibilities: Requirements gathering, user story writing, workflow design, sketching (low/high fidelity)
Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Airtable
CineAgent is a product that enables host PCs to stream specific application content to CineNet at the request of a user. There are several types of users and workflows that needed to be considered to make the primary use case succeed.
When a room controller user is using CineNet and they want to place a website, PDF, or PowerPoint on a display wall to collaborate with others in the room, CineAgent is responsible for facilitating this workflow.
Behind the scenes, administrator users and integrator users need to be able to install and setup CineAgent so that the room controller user is able to use it. They also need to be able to diagnose any issues that may arise post-installation.
Outlining the use cases and coming up with the user stories were necessary to drive conversations with cross-functional stakeholders and to capture product decisions throughout the process leading up to implementation. From there, those artifacts informed the solutions that I came up with to cover all these stories.
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