Primary Role: UX Designer
Responsibilities: Requirements gathering, user research, user story writing, workflow design, sketching (low/high fidelity)
Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Airtable
CineNet is a display wall controller that interfaces with CineMassive's video processor hardware and various devices.
I came in the middle of version 3.5 being planned so most of the features have been predetermined. The primary tasks I did for bringing 3.5 through to implementation was understanding and gathering requirements, coming up with solutions, and iterating on them along the way through conversations with cross-functional stakeholders.
There were a lot of features slated for 3.5, but the process in how I handled from start to delivery was fairly the same for all features that required design direction. The amount of time spent doing research for a feature was based on the potential impact of the feature.
The biggest challenge was coming up with solutions for the features that fit within the predetermined estimations given by development while keeping the user experience as intact as possible.
Throughout implementation, there were solutions that were modified due to new development constraints learned and there were additional features that were scoped into 3.5 that needed quick turnaround on design solutions. For features that ended up getting scoped out of 3.5 would be revisited for future versions.
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